Discover The Power Of The Social Booth!

Case Study

‘Know your worth’ is the mantra of the Discover the Beauty Women Empowerment Organization and the recent one-day event at the Woodlands Country Club certainly gave everyone an opportunity to show exactly what they were worth!

The conference and business expo saw more than 200 attendees get together for a fabulous networking session and provided the opportunity to see what the exhibitors had to offer.

The day was certainly action-packed, with business influencers inspiring everyone with their advice, a terrific panel discussion and empowerment sessions that left all of the women re-energized and ready to launch themselves into great new business opportunities.

There were so many amazing speakers and events on the day, but there’s no doubt as to the star of the day’s show ……the Unforgettable Social Booth! 

The Unforgettable Social Booth really is the gold standard of digital photo experiences. Named Best Booth in 2019, the Unforgettable Social Booth not only kept the conference guests highly entertained and totally engaged, it also provided everyone with the opportunity to demonstrate their personal and professional brands!

The Unforgettable Social Booth is a small package that really does pack a mighty punch when it comes to entertainment and event marketing – and it’s perfect for conferences like this one.

The whole ethos of the Discover The Beauty Women Empowerment Organization is to help build and empower women in both their local and distant community, so it was great to see how the Unforgettable Social Booth provided a means of bringing the women together in a spirit of fun and sisterhood.

Enjoy your Event

Over the course of the one-day event, a whole new digital community was formed, with thousands of still photos, short videos, posed GIFs and fun boomerangs created, providing Discover The Beauty Women Empowerment Organization with an array of terrific marketing tools to use on the day and for future marketing campaigns including:

  • Extensive brand awareness with event attendees
  • Attendee engagement
  • Compliant data capture in the form of emails and telephone numbers for post event remarketing
  • Online brand presence, with instant social sharing
  • New brand ambassadors creating user generated content for future digital marketing campaigns